Angel Calderon - Founder of CALTRAPS and Associates

DEA Special Agent Angel Calderon (RETIRED), founder of CALTRAPS has been involved in narcotic investigations for over 30 years. Throughout his law enforcement career Special Agent Angel Calderon has been involved in every facet of narcotic investigations including over 700 investigations as an undercover operative.

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Calderon was involved in a special operation focused on targeting hidden compartments in vehicles, residences and the individuals manufacturing them. He was the initiator and Team leader of Operation “ Trap Door”. Operation “Trap Door” has become one of DEA’s international initiatives. He has been recognized as an expert by Law Enforcement agencies throughout the country, who continually call him for assistance. Mr. Calderon continues to travel throughout the country lecturing on concealment techniques utilized by drug and money laundering organizations. He is internationally recognized and has presented in Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Central America. He has been tasked and continues to brief Foreign Law Enforcement Officials and Dignitaries. Mr. Calderon is a native Spanish speaker and has conducted training at the DEA Academy for Spanish speaking officers. In 2010, CALTRAPS has expanded the Comprehensive Bulk Currency Concealment Course to Costa Rica , Guatemala and Mexico.

He is often called upon to assist investigators and prosecutors as an expert witness to testify and/or to search a vehicle or residence. These searches have led to seizures that often have been missed in the initial search. Mr. Calderon has been qualified as an expert witness, and has testified in Federal District courts and State court. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Calderon has co-authored five publications on concealment for DEA. These publications which are law enforcement sensitive are used by police agencies throughout the country. The latest being a manual showcasing hidden compartment utilized to transport currency. In addition Mr. Calderon has written over 20 law enforcement intelligence bulletins. Many of these articles have been translated into four foreign languages, and shared with our counterparts. Today, many Drug Commanders throughout the country continue to consult Mr. Calderon on his expertise, training and advice on concealment matters.

Mr. Calderon has received over 10 meritorious awards for his contribution in the field of Law Enforcement. He has received the Drug Enforcement Administration’s “Administrators Award” the agencies highest award. He received this award for his outstanding contribution on concealment programs and for the success of “Operation Trap Door.

As president and founder of CALTRAPS and Associates, Mr. Calderon is dedicated to the advancement of individual law enforcement officer in the field of concealment through advanced training.